Friday, 29 November 2013

Culture Trip

On Thursday the 14th  of November all of  TY went on a culture trip. We went to the William B Yeats museum, The National museum and finally the Art gallery. My favourite tour was the Art gallery. I liked looking at all the pictures. We also had our lunch in Mc Donald's, in Grafton street. It was a great day and I really enjoyed myself.

We then went to the Art Gallery. We saw lots of painting by different Artist. William B Yeats brother John B Yeats was a painter. We saw two of his paintings in the Gallery. One of his paintings that we saw is called "Grief". It was a very interesting painting. John Yeats used large brush stocks. This made the Picture look out of focus and messy,But when you look closer you realize that there was huge amounts of detail. This makes you look at the painting for a long time. We also saw Ireland favourite painting. It's called Convent Garden Brittany by William John Leech  We saw paintings by an Italian artist and many others. I loved the visit to the Art Gallery. It was my favourite tour out of the three trips today.

After lunch we we to the National History Museum to look a the bog bodies. The bog bodies are bodies that were found in bogs.The bog helped preserve the bodies. Some of the bodies are thousands of years old. The were all thought to be kings or important people from the bronze age. The bog bodies are named after the place there they were found e.g Clonycavan manThere were four bog bodies in the museum. Two of the  bodies had a band around there arm. Historians think that this was a symbol that these people were high up in society. We also saw lots of gold ornaments from the bronze age. They were very interesting. Archaeologists found 146 gold bracelets were found and seven neck ornaments. Hundreds of clay pots were also found. I really enjoyed the National museum tour.

Friday, 4 October 2013


On Monday the 16th and 17th of September all the TY's went to Carlingford. Carlingford is an adventure centre near the coast in county Louth. It was so much fun. We did leaser combat. We were in two team's. The red team and the blue team. I was on the blue team. We wore a band with two red lights on our head. We also had a gun (not a real one).We aimed the gun at the red lights. When you were hit a certain amount of times you were out of the game. You then had to go to the dead zone. It was so much fun!!!
On Tuesday we went kayaking. I loved the  kayaking It was so much fun. We climbed up a small tunnel and found a waterfall. I stuck my head into the waterfall which was meant to be good luck. The water was freezing cold. We got to go on a trampoline in the middle of the sea!!! It was so cool, literally. 
We did lot's of other activities that were lots of fun as well  but the laser combat and kayaking were the best. Unfortunately it rained for most of the trip, so we all got very wet and cold. The one thing that I didn't like about Carlingford was all the walking involved. We had to walk up and down so many mountains in the rain. But over all I enjoyed the trip a lot.